“Top Priority: The Terror Within” is a documentary film by Fleur De Lis Film Studios. It’s an incredible true story of Julia Davis, a national security whistleblower who was subjected to retaliation of unprecedented proportions by the Department of Homeland Security. In spite of being extensively litigated and mentioned in a book, “Unsafe At Any Altitude”, these these sensational events were suppressed from being covered by the media – until now. The truth is no longer a secret.

  • Julia’s father, Mykola Kot, suffered an untreated heart attack during the raid of the Davis’ residence by the DHS/ICE. He repeatedly asked for water, medication and medical assistance. In spite of his pleas, ICE Agents sent away the ambulance that was on a stand-by across the street. They kept Julia’s Dad handcuffed, in full desert sun, during the heat of over 114 degrees. Agents Kaufer and Deal denied his requests to be brought back inside from the heat and to be allowed to take his heart medications. Mykola Kot suffered an untimely death as the result of an untreated heart attack.


  • Julia’s neighbor, Mathew Judd, filmed the Blackhawk helicopter raid of the Davis residence. He wrote a statement outlining how scared he was, because the DHS Agents have noticed him filming them. Only weeks after turning over the footage of the raid to Julia Davis, Mathew Judd was found dead in his home. He was only 25 years old.


  • Film and television star Brittany Murphy was named as a witness in Julia Davis’ litigation against the Department of Homeland Security. Brittany provided a rebuttal to the Agency’s misrepresentations, after certain statements were falsely attributed to her by the DHS in the course of investigating false claims made by the DHS personnel against Julia Davis. After Brittany Murphy provided a written statement in support of Julia Davis, she was targeted by the DHS/ICE. This included helicopter surveillance, wiretaps, an arrest in the middle of the night and an unsuccessful attempt to deport Brittany’s fiancée Simon Monjack, whom she later married.

The agency was clearly using and abusing all the tools at their disposal to terrorize witnesses.

After years of litigation and a recent settlement, it’s time for this outrageous case to receive the proper trial it deserves in the highest court of all – the court of public opinion. “Top Priority: The Terror Within” strives to ensure that such unconstitutional violations aren’t perpetrated against anyone else.